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Setting this up in preparation for the upcoming werewolf game. So here’s a bit of background for you guys.

1) Chapters 1 and 2 are required reading in the Werewolf: The Forsaken book. You do not have to read all of the gifts and descriptions, but at least be familiar with the ones you are interested in.

2) This game is all about “The Pack”. Each member has a dynamic and important role to fill, and failing to show up or even just wall-flowering will hinder the pack. You are encouraged to have rivalries or arguments between members of the pack, but when facing an outside force, you should be a solid unit.

3) Decide ahead of time (and out of character) how you intend to deal with the pack alpha role. Will it be fluid, allowing each Uratha to take charge during their specialty? Or will you maintain a single alpha who relies on the advice of others when outside of his specialty? No wrong answer here, it just needs to be discussed in advance.

4) Decide as a group if you would like to advance quickly as characters (lots of XP) and have your challenges equally quickly advance, or if you’d like a standard advancement ( 3-4 xp per session on average) and have time to learn your role before the challenges get pretty rough.

Main Page

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