Vincint Marco

Struggling Musician


Name: Vincint Marco
Concept: Struggling Musician
Auspice: Cahalith
Virtue: Fortitude
Tribe: Blood Tallons
Vice: Pride

Defense 2
Initiative 5
Speed 10
Perception 5


Intelligence 2 – Strength 3 – Presence 2

Wits 2 – Dexterity 2 – Manipulation 2

Resolve 2 – Stamina 3 – Composure 3



Crafts-Leather Working 2

Occult 2


Athletics 1

Brawl 3

Stealth-moving in woods 1

Survival 2


Empathy 1

Expression 2

Intimidation 2

Persuasion 2

Socialize-Bar hopping 2

Subterfuge 2


Resources 1

Ally-Wife 1

Bar-fly 1

Fame 1

First Tounge 1

Health 8

Willpower 5

Essence max 10

Primal Urge 1

Harmony 7


Purity 1

Glory 1



The Right Words

Mother Luna

Partial Change


Crushing Blow


Growing up in my family was a bit different then your average family. I didn’t know it at the time but my family is a long line of true breading Were-Wolves. As i was younger i just knew they all had hard core anger issues. My mom being one of these people. She would show up once a week and hang out with me and my sister and my father. It was weird and when i asked my father about it he would just tell me that my mom was a busy woman. After a while i just got use to this and stopped asking questions.

My school life wasn’t much different than your average kid’s. Sure I would get frustrated and pissed off more then others but after the first few fights people learned. Ive always been into music. I started my band when i was 17. were pretty famous around here now days but i don’t think we will ever make the big leagues. Especially now.

I’m married to my high school sweet heart. We got married at 19. She went off to college and graduated and is now currently working all the time. i feel like my mom now tho because now Im the one visiting her once a week. But even with all the crap going on in my life she still loves me.

My first change was a week after i hit 23. I don’t remember much of it but according to the pack that found me i took down three of the 4 before i was finally pinned. As i was being taught the ways of my people my tribe told this story over and over to each new face. Some would look at me with a small smirk and others would openly congratulate me. My mother, a member of my tribe, even hugged me and told me how proud of me she was and that was more shocking then anything else i learned that day.

Vincint Marco

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