Wolves at the Gate

My Own Tale

Meeting the Pack

The day started out like most other days. walking down the road with my guitar strapped to my back. The meeting place was set up to happen at a small convenience store close to the center of town. There i met the 4 people id call family. J J (Sean) was pretty big. and seemed like he wanted to take charge of the situation. We rubbed each other the wrong way at first. Lucian (Dawn) was rather quiet. Even after i tried making a joke about him using the underworld movie series. Raze (Kazz) looked a bit shifty in all honesty but seemed like a decent enough guy to have your back in a scrap. (Kalen) was the only female of our group but held herself like she could handle what ever you could dish out.

Our first priority was finding our pack totem. So in order to do that we needed a loci. after a little scouting we found one at a church. After hearing J J Spout a few to many orders my way i finally had enough. We had us a pretty good scrap. Not going to lie it was close but at the end he cleaned my clock. So he was a little tougher then i expected but after that i figured id follow him until he made some mistakes or lead the pack in the wrong direction.

After the dust settled we set of to find us a totem. Instantly Lucian picked up a trail and off we set. The trail lead us to a large ravine and we spent a few minutes trying to find a way to cross. after some discussion we decided climbing was the only solution. JJ and i had no problem with the cliff. the others were not doing so hot. (Kalen) actually fell off towards then end of the climb down. So on the climb up JJ helped (Kalen) and i helped Lucian. However apparently Lucian can climb up better then he can down because he practically flew up the cliff.

From there the trail led up to a tall glass building all the way to the top and threw a door. after going through the door we some how ended up on the top of a mountain. Do not ask me how that happened. Ether way down the mountain we went. After what seemed like hours we finally found the end of the trail. Or should i say it found us? Ether way this Honey Badger the size of a grizzly bear comes out of no where and latches on to J J. Instantly he hits it trying to get it off him but i don’t think it was letting go. But (Kalen) managed to calm the spirit enough to let it know we meant no harm. Informing it that we were just tracking an out of place sent seemed to calm it enough so that we could talk with it. After a long conversation i couldn’t really understand It seemed to think that we were worthy enough To gain itself glory Jaws of the Vice decided to become our pack totem.

After we trekked back home we did some scouting around for a place to crash and found us a trailer park with an open double wide. our new home sweet home.



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